Las Palmas

Luxury apartment
branding & Website

Nestled on Las Palmas Ave in Hollywood, this pristine luxury apartment sought an identity to elevate its public image and attract new leasing opportunities. In collaboration, we set out to position this distinguished property as 'A Luxury Residence for Dream Chasers,' crafting a compelling brand narrative and digital destination designed to capture leasing leads and redefine the epitome of Hollywood living.

Project Scope:

- Logo
- Typography & Color
- Photo Direction
- Messaging
- Website

The Challenge
Develop an emotive brand identity and a versatile design system that resonates with our dynamic and ambitious audience of dream chasers. The goal was to create a visual language that not only captures the essence of their aspirations but also adapts seamlessly across various touchpoints, reinforcing our brand's connection with their journey.

Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

With the audience's aspirations at the forefront, we meticulously crafted a brand strategy centered around the concept 'Where Dreams Reside.' This served as the foundation for a robust visual and verbal identity designed to resonate with our audience on a visceral and emotive level. Striving for a modern and artful experience, we introduced a flexible layout system, ensuring consistent communication through dynamic and visually compelling layouts.



We crafted a messaging framework that brings our four brand pillars to life through artful headlines and compelling copy. By tapping into the ambitious spirit of our audience, we aim to fulfill their desire to be part of an exclusive community, offering an artful experience and an opportunity to embrace the quintessential Hollywood lifestyle.



Drawing from the strength of our brand's visual identity system, we meticulously crafted an emotive and informative website. This digital experience serves as a captivating introduction to our property, designed not only to capture public interest but also to generate valuable leasing leads.