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Labeling Theory is a strategic branding studio based in Los Angeles, dedicated to injecting personality and memorability into emerging business’.

las Palmas: luxury apartment identity

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We empower organizations with personalized strategies, efficient systems, and effective communication to create unforgettable brand experiences.
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Stand for something

You have to be bold or nobody will remember you. We help businesses stand for something and give people a strong singular idea to rally behind. This is how you connect and find your audience.

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Be strategic minded

It's essential to maintain clarity about your identity, goals, and the path you'll take to achieve them. To avoid steering off the path chasing fleeting trends and fads, we create strategies, frameworks, and guidelines to keep your brand on the tracks.

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Do it with style

Infusing your brand with style and personality isn't just about aesthetics — it's about creating a lasting impression and forging genuine connections with your audience through authenticity.

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Keep it simple

For a profound impact on your audience and business, we keep things refreshingly simple. Whether it's messaging, strategies, designs, or ideas, communicating clearly and effectively means embracing simplicity.

steelwave: workplace mural series

“Labeling Theory's process is highly detailed and extremely collaborative. The creativity and craftsmanship they bring to every project is what sets them apart. They have been a true joy to work with."

Matt Ford, Creative Director

- Steelwave llc

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