"Casitas" by steelwave

Mural design

SteelWave creates spaces focused on elevated and exceptional user experiences. Their latest project “Casitas” is a mixed use creative workplace located in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. For the project SteelWave reached out to Labeling Theory to create a series of mural art that could exude a sense of nostalgic comfort while providing a unifying creative thread throughout the project.

Project Scope:

• Creative Concepting
• Mural Design

The Challenge
For the Casitas mural project we wanted to illicit a sense of nostalgic comfort through a series of environmental artwork. We envisioned the mural artwork blending effortlessly with its environment. Using organic and hand made design motif’s, a soft naturally inspired color palette, & weathered textures we set out to create a unique series of artwork that adds character and personality while not overpowering the architectural beauty of the space.

Garden Verde

Casitas is home to a series of beautiful outdoor gardens with seating areas available for creative collaboration. Alongside the beautiful architectural renovations and landscaping design we wanted the mural artwork to be subtle but impactful. For Garden Verde we drew inspiration from hand painted signage typical in Mexico. We wanted the work to have a sense of weathering and feel like it has lived with the building for some time, careful to not overpower the space with too much contrast or color. We found the perfect balance of subtle expression while serving a double purpose of clearly identifying the space for wayfinding.

Garden Azul

We wanted each mural application to have a sense of connection to each other through the rough textural treatment, while at the same time being different, distinct and memorable in their own right. For Garden Azul we leveraged the buildings existing graffiti remnants to contrast painted areas with the raw untreated brick. We aimed to create a rhythm unifying the space using a simple bold motif that plays a supporting role for the beautiful landscaping details of the garden.

Sol Terrace

For this larger outdoor congregational area we wanted to leverage the patina of the naturally aged hanging doors. We added simple bold geometric shapes to contrast with abstract naturally inspired forms. Again our goal was to make the work feel naturally as a part of the space and to not overpower it.

Seating area in front of Boardwalk mural

Installation Guidelines
We created a handoff guide detailing all the important details necessary to execute the final artwork on site. From sitemap to color swatches and measurements — this guide served to ensure the artwork was executed true to our vision.

Art Direction & Quality Control

Alongside the installation playbook Labeling Theory also conducted site visits for creative quality assurance addressing any discrepancies between application and intended design.

Street view of exterior Parcel Park mural.

"I've worked with Labeling Theory on numerous projects, and the end results have consistently been nothing short of fantastic. Their process is highly detailed and extremely open. The creativity and craftsmanship they bring to every project is what sets them apart. They have been a true joy to work with."

Matt Ford

Creative Director, Steelwave