Night shift

Cannabis Brand design & Product packaging

When business started growing faster than their cannabis plants — Night Shift’s founders knew it needed to get serious about their brand. This growing operation based in Lodi California has been serving as one of the bay area’s most renowned producers of high quality craft cannabis. They reached out to Labeling Theory to create a robust brand and packaging system that tells their story and elevates their product in a highly saturated and competitive market.

Project Scope:

Brand Strategy, Naming, Logo Design, Typography & Color, Packaging & Printed Collateral, Messaging, Art & Photo Direction, Brand Guidelines

The Challenge
We were asked to create a cannabis brand that caters to an older audience and exudes a sense of nostalgia. The target customer isn't necessarily concerned with the highest concentration of THC or newest trend flavors, but looking for a mellow way to unwind at the end of the day with the classic strains they grew up on. We set out to develop a strong brand foundation starting with naming and messaging, then extending the brands story to a rich visual identity system and robust brand guidelines to carry the brand well into the future.

Naming & Logo Design

When coming up with a name for the brand we tapped into the mindset of our target audience. Inspired by the changing of mood and feeling of day to night, we agreed this name was the perfect metaphor for the relaxation and relief the product provides. The logotype is set in a typeface that feels modern yet nods to serif styles prevalent in times past, giving it the perfect balance of nostalgia and contemporary expression.

Brand Tone and Visual Language

The Night Shift visual language was crafted to tap into the fond memories associated with by-gone eras and nostalgia. From the color palette to the type choices the brand system feels fresh and bold yet comfortable and classic at the same time.

Social Media Templates

Packaging Design System
We created a unified packaging design system that ensures consistency for brand recognition and scalability for product line expansion.

An Illustrative Approach

We wanted to build a packaging system that has both shelf appeal and pop, yet relatively discrete for our older audiences. Our package system utilizes illustration and color to differentiate cannabis strains, while at the same time making sure our brand name is clear, visible and consistently applied — differentiating our product from the sea of options in todays retail market.

Brand Story
We redefined the brands digital presence — authentically telling their story, highlighting their products and helping users find distributors and retailers close by.

Website Design & Information Architecture

Night Shift's website is their main communication touchpoint that gets their unique story out into the world. It's also an important functional tool for customers to be able to find their products nearby or order online. We used our newly formed visual identity system combined with it's messaging framework to tell their story in an unforgettable and interesting way. Tapping into the colors, textures, imagery, fonts and themes from the brand — we created an engaging way for customers to connect to the brand on a more emotive level and be able to find and buy products.

Editorial web experience

Ecommerce design